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David Alaba inspires the youth

The Coca -Cola Cup – young people, get moving!


David Alaba is a black player on the Austrian national football team and inspires many blacks in Austria, especially young black people. Last year, he was chosen to be the ambassador of the Coca-Cola Cup. Cola-Cola has organised the Cup in Austria as a tournament for youth from large and small teams. It was started in 2005.

To find out more, we spoke with a representative from Coca-Cola Austria. Unfortunately, a spokesman for David Alaba was not able to comment prior to the editorial deadline.
Purpose of the Cup
Coca-Cola organises the Cup for U12 teams in Austria in partnership with ÖFB. The tournament is designed so that also smaller teams can participate. The Cup is part of Cola-Cola´s initiative “get active“, which encourages active life-styles in general and supports various sports and events in which everyone can participate, even kids. The main goal is to let the kids have an experience on a big stage. Of course it is great if some of them want to become professional athletes later. For example, Julian Baumgartner was on the winning team in 2006 and is now playing with SV Ried.
Why did you choose David Alaba as an ambassador?
The Coca-Cola ambassador David Alaba stands for integration. David is a good example for promoting sports, integration and family. Coca-Cola stands for sports, fun and adventure in everyday life and encourages an active life style. Coca-Cola wants people to enjoy sport especially the youth – just like David Alaba does.
We also asked the Coca Cola management, whether or how they benefit from organising the Coca Cola Cup. Unfortunately we did not receive an answer to this question.

I think that Coca-Cola made a good choice in picking David as their ambassador, honouring his achievements in sports and on a personal level.
My conclusion after the interview is that David is a very good role model to many people because he is an inspiration for sports and integration. His family comes from Nigeria and the Philippines and he now plays for the Austrian national team and is one of the best players there. He also plays for Bayern Munich, which is one of the biggest teams in Europe. He is an inspiration for black Africans in Austria.


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David Alaba inspires the youth


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